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Lemsford Building Services.


We proide building and Maintenance Service for a range of people, from the odd job around the house, maintenance for landlords & estate agents to industrial projects.


Landlords & Estate Agents - Rented Accomodation, Businesses


If you are a landlord we can provide a tailored service to look after you portfolio of properties.

Anything from keeping the grounds/gardens maintained and decroating to full internal refits.

We can provide weekly/monthly/yearly inspections &maintenance for your property and provide you with full reports on you investments condition.


Businesses - Grounds Maintenance, Refits, General Maintenance, Data Cabling, Internal Office Building


If you have a business and need some to provide any kind of building maintenance, data cabling, grounds maintenance or additional offices building we can provide competetive quotes on this work.

We are flexible and can complete the work on time and around you if necessary.